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Consulting Profile


Eiger Rope Access Work Inc. is an unconventional company with a focus on solving cost effective problems, safety and innovation. We pioneered the most comprehensive aerial and high rise, extreme remote access and rope rescue services in Canada. Our reputation is built over the years by completing some of the most challenging rope access projects in high-rise environment and helicopter operations. One of them is the first exterior repair at 1725′ during winter extreme conditions and winds above 60km/h.

We address our customer’ projects in the most time and cost efficient way. Our ongoing research and investment has produced a level of quality, which surpasses many times that of the competition. It ensures that you will get the best professionals in the business, the latest equipment, and the most innovative service.


Reference from the tallest concrete tower in the worldA small company created in Toronto is now a consulting legend known around the world.

The company has combined innovation and bold solutions to some of the most dare-devil responses on some of the tallest buildings in the world. Founded by Ivan Kristoff in 1993, Eiger has become the world’s first company to explore the rope access on buildings higher than 553meters.

With the background of 30 years in the rope access world, Ivan has revolutionized the high rise suspended history with his concept for Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Techniques (H.E.A.R.T.)

Throughout its existence, the Eiger brand has collaborated with the world’s renowned brands. In 2015 the Eiger brand identity will be rebrandesd as the new brand and trade maerk – Ivan Kristoff. 

The new business development of the company involves establishing a an  Institute for Vertical Access Operations and an International Vertical Access Network (I.V.A.N.), which will operate the Institute.

Ivan Kristoff, developed a love for high-rises and high altitude mountains at an early age. At the age of 15, he started exploring rope access in deep caves, hundreds of meters under the ground.  His extraordinary work experience on super high rise buildings as an independent operator, and his high-profile partnership with the world’s renowned companies, have established him as a highly respected international rope access consultant.

He ernaed his nickname “Spiderman” by the Canadian media in 1995, as the most well known rope access technician on the planet for his accomplishments as a world records setter for rappeling from a flying helicopter and boundary breaker for suspended rope access.

Now he develops the most advanced training progam for vertical and aerial rescue units an the  “Mentors and Apprentices” Art ininitative.


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